Who We Are

Tivoli Gardens High School Alumni Track Corporation a 501c3 tax exemption non-profit organization started in July1 2017. Three alumni of the Tivoli Gardens High School Track and Field team collaborate their efforts to create this organization. The corporation is registered in the State of Florida, United States and has enrolled alumni members from several countries. The fabric of our corporation uniquely structured to provide the needs of the students of our alma mater.
Tivoli Gardens High School inception was an incredible dream that became a reality in September 1, 1969 in city of West Kingston, in the Island of Jamaica. Out of consecrated ground a beacon of light shone and still shining today with some of the most talented youth in the Jamaica.
The future generation of our alma mater is in desperate needs to survive the hardship due to poverty. We urge the alumni family and friends of Tivoli Gardens High School to participate in this enormous feat. One that is in transit to resuscitate our brightest and most talented youth in Jamaica and the world.
Our purpose is to press for funds through individual donations, company donations and fundraising events. Funds generated by Tivoli Gardens High School Alumni Track Corporation will provide academic scholarship, after school educational program, nutritional program and athletics gear and equipment for these youngsters. With your incredible support TGHSATC will accomplish such honorable deed.